Our mission is to inspire the world with visionary and conscious art, holistic creativity inspired by nature, ancient cultures, and civilizations

Our members create purpose-driven artwork

  • Their stories are inspiring
  • Their artwork beautiful
  • Their impact is their legacy
  • Their knowledge is a treasure

We tell their stories!

Why we created an online art gallery?

We believe in the power of creativity, conducing a message of inpsiration of rhuman kind.

Our ecosystem members, create art themselves, along a journey of stories to be told.

Their artwork has inspired us, as much as their stories, and we are grateful

That is why we want to share both, their stories, their message, and their art with you.

Also their impact, as with their artwork they support valuable research, experience, or direct positive impact in nature, societies and economies, addressing global, local or social pressing issues.


We hold a transparent and fair agreement with the artists in this gallery

The full of the purchase value of the art is dedicated to what they consider valuable

The % they decide to share with us, we invest in positive impact ourselves and in creativity

50% we reinvest in planting trees, and boosting biodiversity

25% in promoting conscious arts education for youth, and children

25% in arts research: technology, work-life balance and human consciouness

Buy artwork in our gallery, and create a positive impact with us together!